Chorus Rehearsal-Guest are Welcome

6:00pm, Mon, Apr 29 2024

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Start time: 6:00pm
    Duration: 2.5 Hr
    Venue: 512 Logan St
  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    6:00pmPhysical warm-ups 5Linda Wulf 
    6:05pmVocal warm-ups 15Shelly PardisRoad to Artistry
    6:20pmRun through set 30Shelly PardisRun thru 32X - Greatest show, Fine Line, Cups - time and adapt to mic situation
    6:50pmRehearse songThe Greatest Show20Shelly Pardisrun through part by part with MJ
    7:10pmRehearse songCups (When I'm Gone) (E)10Shelly Pardisclean up and run throughs
    7:20pmAnnouncements 15Kathe Simons 
    7:35pmRehearse songThere's a Fine, Fine Line (from Avenue Q) (A)15Shelly PardisClarify breaths and held notes/lifting instruction
    7:50pmSection rehearsalThere's a Fine, Fine Line (from Avenue Q) (A)15 Work on unifying breath plan and held notes; if time run through How We Sang Today
    8:05pmPerform songThere's a Fine, Fine Line (from Avenue Q) (A)10Shelly PardisSing through a couple of times
    8:15pmRun through set 10Shelly PardisRun through set on last time
    8:25pmClosing songHow We Sang Today (B♭)3  
    Program Duration: 148 minutes; Finish time: 8:28pm