Musical Director

Shelly Pardis

Shelly Pardis is a 25 years member of HXS, and has always been an exemplary member of the chorus, following through with her commitments in front and behind the scenes. She started the Xpress Singers Talent Search, inviting young singers to participate and expand their vocal skills and talents, and over the years has become a fixture in Helena. She was the co-director of HXS, only leaving when her job expanded to include frequent traveling to Chicago. In spite of this, And now, job committments allows Shelly to direct again.. Shelly shares her ‘vocal skills’ the chorus. She also participates in a variety of quartets, as well as created the Montana Quartet Workshop: a once a year workshop where coaches are available for attendees.

Shelly is an excellent singer, teacher, coach, idea-person and worker-bee. And don't forget her infectious laugh!

As a chapter fo the North by Northwest REgion we are fortunate to have Shelly as the Region 13 Education Coordinator and recipient of the 2022 Heart of the Northwest Award!

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